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Muutan. Uusi osoite on oletus.fi. Hectigo.net pysyy toiminnassa toistaiseksi.

Hectigo.net in English

Welcome to my home page Hectigo.net!

This site is about me, Olli Etuaho aka. Hectigo, and stuff I am or have been interested in. Most of the content is in Finnish except for the image gallery, the daily sketch project, my CV, some miscellaneous articles, the home pages of my game projects, The Egyptian webcomic and the Schizophrenia official site, which are available in English. My Deviantart and Last.fm pages are also available in English. The English pages are generally marked with the US flag, and you can toggle the language on some pages by clicking the links on the top.

About the technology

Any standards-compliant browser should work fine with the site. If you notice problems, message [email protected].

If you want to learn web technologies, I recommend http://www.w3schools.com.