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Half-Life 2 Single Player Tricks

This page features some of the most interesting shortcuts and creative ways to use items I've discovered in Half-Life 2. These are not cheats nor very serious bug exploits - I think the best word to describe them is trickery. There are lots of other minor tricks I'm also aware of, but I haven't had the time to list them. These are easily the most interesting ones, and do not require very much special skills apart from some patience.

We don't go to Ravenholm

Got the balls to survive Ravenholm? - Updated 2004-12-24


Taking the buggy near Nova Prospekt - Updated 2004-12-23


Having trouble with the turret fights in Entanglement? - Updated 2004-12-15

Half-Life 2 Done Quick

If you're interested in speedrunning Half-Life 2, you should go to Half-Life 2 Done Quick. The site features many major and minor Half-Life 2 single player tricks.