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Half-Life 2 Image Gallery

Newer pictures are at the top. That means you should begin from the bottom. :). I don't know if any other images than the top 4 are worthwhile to see though.

No cheats, server configuration or image editing programs were used to create these images. The maps are official HL2DM maps without any modifications.

The best 4 pictures so far:

4. The tower
3. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
2. The REAL flying car.
1. A tower involving a file cabinet, car and a citizen.

Updated 2004-12-8: Hectigo, Laurentus and BlueAceX go wild:

The REAL flying car.
The REAL flying car, part 2.
Someone making a high deskjump. Yes, from the ground.
Four file cabinets and a car. How boring.
One file cabinet and a car. Quite nice.
Jumping over the car with a deskjump :)
The same thing in first person.
A tower involving a file cabinet, car and a citizen.

Updated 2004-12-7: Blame it on Hectigo once again:

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, part 2
Heavy cargo

Updated 2004-12-6: Hectigo parking the car it alone

(getting crushed under cars about 50 times in the process). Now it takes me about three minutes and 1-4 lives per car on average. See the Car Shoving Time Attack.
Honey, where did you park the car again?
Another point of view
A pile of stuff on the roof

Updated 2004-12-7: BlueAceX and Graner parking a car:

The roof.
Couldn't we find an easier parking place?
...and then the hard part
ZOMG, its teh flying car (better version is up there)

Updated 2004-12-4: Laurentus had too much free time and HL2DM installed on his computer (don't we all have?):

The tower
OMG! Sabotage!


All images are copyrighted by Olli Etuaho (Hectigo), Lauri Oikari (Laurentus) or Mikko Sillanpää (BlueAceX). If you want to use any of these images, contact hl at hectigo dot net. Half-Life 2 by Valve Software 2004.