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Browser Wars

WWW presents: Browser Wars


Welcome to the world of fierce battles and fiery debates! This is Browser Wars, the most serious wrestling series in the universe. Scroll down for more information about WWW wrestling superstars.

WWW Superstars

Browser Logo
Name: Godzilla
Weight: 11 MB
From: USA
Finishing move: Bloat attack
Browser Logo
Name: Godzilla Fearfox
Weight: 5 MB
From: USA
Finishing move: Name Changing Clutch
Browser Logo
Name: Interweb Exploder
Weight: 12 MB
From: Redmond, USA
Finishing move: Ctrl+Alt+Del
Browser Logo
Name: Lynch
Weight: 1 MB
From: USA
Finishing move: Text Avalanche
Browser Logo
Name: Nutscape
Weight: 11 MB
From: Mountain View, USA
Finishing move: Nutty Standard
Browser Logo
Name: Oprah
Weight: 4 MB
From: Oslo, Norway
Finishing move: Mobile Slam

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Inspired by the WWE and various debates on IRC.