Game packs

Only GMs should touch these files.


These game packs contain official games created and tested by our playing group.

  • gamepack003.pdf
    Game pack 3, "Animal Kingdom", including 3 games (the pack will be published next week):
    Anywhere (4)
    Cheap Thrills in Helsinki (4)
    One Foot in the Grave (4-6)


Send us your games to ollietuaho[at] in OpenOffice (SXW), RTF, HTML or pure text format. If they meet our quality standards, we'll publish them here.

You can use the SXW or RTF game template to reduce our work. You need OpenOffice to be able to use the SXW version. OpenOffice is available for download at The RTF version is compatible with almost every word processor there is.

The official game sheet

If you prefer pencil and paper and/or don't have the ability to print games every other day, the official game sheet is designed just for you.

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