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What is it?

Schizophrenia is a role playing game. The players control a person with a split personality disorder and try to accomplish different tasks. The game requires social skills and creativity from its players. No previous role playing experience is required to play the game, and the rules are easy to learn in half an hour.


Players: 3-6 players and 1-2 GMs

Average duration: 1-3 hours

Not suitable for persons under 15 years of age

Comments from players

...or what people have said when they have been told to praise the game. The comments have been translated from Finnish.

"A brilliant game which leaves space for imagination. Each game is different."

"Funny, loud, light. Unique insanity."

"The first game was great. Really hilarious, though even better when you're a little tired :). There was a little too much shouting, but there sure was more laughing. NPC players make the game much more interesting."

The rules

The basic game rules are only two pages long, so why wouldn't you bother to read them? Use a few minutes and you'll be playing for hours. Just download the PDF. If two pages seems like too much for you to handle, read the Rules in brief section in the bottom of this page. All you need to have for playing the game is a deck of cards, a couple of dice, these rules and 3-6 friends.


The official rules, version 1.2.

Other useful stuff


The official schizophrenia cards. The cards can be replaced with regular cards.

Game packs

Get official game packs and related material from the game packs section.

Rules in brief

All players control a single character using democratic decisions and try to accomplish tasks set by the game master. The players take turns to speak through the character. The GM can award players with cards, which can be used for stealing the turn to speak or adjusting the democracy a bit.

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