Half-Life 2 - Having trouble with the turret fights in Entanglement?

Not anymore.

This trick is actually quite simple - you just have to bring the turrets from the first turret fight with you. It's a little troublesome to carry them over some areas, but in tight fights extra turrets give you a huge advantage. The second turret fight of Entanglement is one of the hardest parts of the whole game, so a little help is not a bad thing. Just remember not to place the turrets too near to each other, so that a single grenade doesn't just blow them all away. The other option is to have quick reflexes and throw all grenades swiftly back at the enemy with the gravity gun.

You should also notice that the turrets can shoot even while you carry them. Good for conserving ammo :).

Just shoot the turrets forward with the gravity gun, and you should be in the other side of this room in no time. Stairways are actually a lot more troublesome - specially if you have decided to take more than one turret with you.

The fight is a lot easier this way.

Let's just see if those combine soldiers can come through this barrier :)

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