Mauton :: HL2DM Car shoving time attack

A picture of the cars on the roof.

The aim of this time attack project is to get either one of the cars in dm_overwatch to the third floor in the least possible time. Rules are as follows:

Best performances so far:

  1. 61.7 seconds by Laurentus
  2. 63.9 seconds by Hectigo

Demo of the current record by Laurentus: One should note that this isn't the only way to get the car to the roof - creativity isn't forbidden. It is probably one of the fastest, though. The green car might be easier to get to the roof, so that should be tried out too.

If you feel you're up to it and want to participate, you can submit a zipped .dem file of your performance to admin at hectigo dot net. Other comments can also be sent to admin at hectigo dot net.

Copyright Hectigo aka. Olli Etuaho 2004-2005