About the game

This game was originally made for the summer game making contest 2006. The contest started 12.6.2006, and the deadline was exactly two weeks later. All of the game's code including the engine, graphics and sounds were made during these two weeks. Some of the sounds and graphics were part of the assignment.

The player's mission in Kalma is to survive and escape out of a small zombie-filled town in Southern Finland. The army has total control over the enclosed town, and anything that tries to get out will be shot on sight. The player controls a small band of survivors armed with baseball bats and one a little better equipped policeman.




You can exit the level by taking all your characters to the red exit logo and then pressing it with the right mouse button.

You can also change weapons and characters by pressing the GUI buttons in the lower edge of the screen.

The game can be paused by pressing the panic button in the lower right corner of the screen.

System recommendations

Software requirements (Python version)

Command line parameters

Team Puskutraktori


Role: Programming, design, graphics

E-mail: admin at hectigo dot net

Home page: or Hectigo @ DeviantArt


Role: Programming, design, sounds

E-mail: pekuja at iki dot fi