Welcome to the home page of Beat Harvester, a shoot'em'up with focus on timing, sound and smooth 2D visuals.


Newest version last updated 2008-02-19:

For information about changes between versions, view the complete changelog.


You might need to download and install these on your computer to be able to play the game. The game is still in early development, so precompiled binaries might not be available for a while.

How to play

Arrow keys move the ship, Z shoots. Collect beat seeds with your ship from the screen and shoot when the circle overlaps the edge of your ship.

Development hilights


All game code is licenced under the GPL 2.0.

All game content, sounds and graphics are licenced under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution licence.

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You can send mail about the game to admin at hectigo dot net. If you want to get in contact via IRC, visit #puskutraktori at freenode.