One is enough


ball fight

About the game

Economic development in the land of the balls has rendered communism an obsolete ideology, but one ball is ready to stand against the cruel corporate oppressors. Is one ball enough to free the capitalist balls from their egocentric ideology and send them to labour camps, or is the process doomed to fail? There's only one way to find out...

The game was developed as a warmup project for pyweek 4 by Olli Etuaho aka. Hectigo.


Alpha 0.40:, source code, ~300KB

Alpha 0.35:, Windows binary ~3MB

Software requirements

These are for the source code version. Windows binary should work out of the box.

Playing the game

Arrow keys move your ball, number one. Esc quits the game. Provoke nearby capitalist balls to attack you and collide with you by pressing Z, and you're able to convert capitalists to follower balls. Follower balls will follow you around, and try to convert further capitalist balls by colliding with them. You can also send the followers one by one to the labour camp by pressing C. Converting is a consuming process, though, so make sure you outnumber the enemy when you attack. The enemies know when you're low on hp, so regenerate when you can. Provocation (pressing and holding Z) increases your regeneration rate.

Development achievements

Possible future features


The game including all the code and the artwork are licensed under GPLv2.

This website copyright Olli Etuaho 2007.